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Getting Started

When you furnish any room, always start by considering the largest piece of furniture for example, the sofa in your living room, dining table in your dining room etc. Where this piece fits will affect everything around it.

Your furniture should be arranged to look good to you – you’re the one who’ll be living with it after all. Furniture should also be comfortable to use and easy to walk around. Be aware of any doors or cupboards that you need to frequently use, a good idea is to either use masking tape to mimic the size of your furniture or compare the measurements against your current furniture.

Furniture dimensions
All of our furniture dimensions are listed the same way, using WIDTH (W) x DEPTH (D) x HEIGHT (H). All products are listed in centimeters unless otherwise noted. Measurements will always be taken from the widest point on all parts of the furniture.

How to Measure Up
Below are some tips to help you with choosing furniture that fits perfectly in the space that you have available.
Top tips to getting the right furniture for you!
• Decide exactly where you would like to place your furniture.

• Measure the area where you want to place your furniture.

• Sketch a rough plan including dimensions.

• Note the width, height, and depth of the model you want to order, do allow a few inches for tolerance.

• You should now be able to see whether or not the furniture will fit within your living space.

• Remember obstacles such as radiators, and lights on walls and ceilings. Light switches and sockets.
• When measuring for a dining set remember to consider the chairs and also allow room for diners. For extending tables bear in mind the extended width.


It is also good practice to consider access to your property/room particularly when choosing larger items. If there are small driveways or limited access, narrow openings, tight staircase or any other obstructions then careful consideration is required before placing your order. Please feel free to contact us for advice prior to ordering.